Entrust your property to a professional

Seasonal rental is a question of people.

Our experience and expertise are the cement of our business and the link between our owners and our customers.

Our experts bring you their knowledge of the market to help you optimize the profitability of your property. They know the market and know what customers are looking for and how to improve occupancy rates. BookingAlsace, as a good professional, fulfills its obligation for advice for a win / win partnership.

Each of our owners has a dedicated contact person to address to in all circumstances.

The procedures are clearly defined in the relationship owner / tenant. The reception of the hosts, the preparation of the accommodation, the cleaning, the treatment of the possible disputes, everything is precisely indicated from the beginning.

Regarding the services, we allow you to discharge the preparation of housing, the reception of the customers, the end-of-stay cleaning, the interventions in case of problems, the provision of the linen, a regular control of your property all year round. Fees vary by location and type of benefits.

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10 Reasons to work with BookingAlsace

1. Regular, safe and uncomplicated payment of rents.

BookingAlsace engages with the owners in a simple, clear and contributory partnership in terms of results and flexibility. You transfer to BookingAlsace the management of your property and all that is receptive and customer monitoring. The expenses deducted from your rental income are: start-up costs, advertising costs and management fees related to the services covered.

2. Optimization of occupancy

Thanks to BookingAlsace, your house or holiday apartment is offered for seasonal rental worldwide through various marketing channels (partners, travel agencies, works councils, websites, tourist offices). Everyone can access it and can book online and in real time 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The network and the resources implemented by BookingAlsace are the guarantee of an optimized occupation.

3. Expertise

BookingAlsace is a major operator in the field of renting holiday homes and apartments. This is the guarantee for you of a high level of professionalism, efficiency and safety. Our Alsatian roots are also expressed by a high level of demand in terms of quality and services towards our holiday guests and towards the owners.

4. Worldwide presence

BookingAlsace is present on the internet in several countries and in several languages. This implementation is the best way to ensure the support of your needs and those of your hosts. BookingAlsace supports all facets of the market: sales, marketing and services to owners and vacationers.

5. A permanent interlocutor

Your house or holiday apartment is under control all year round, entrusted to a competent and experienced staff, including during off-peak periods. The complete customer reception is assured without having you to worry about it.

6. International Network

Our customers come from everywhere and many of them have become loyal customers. And it's the same for our owners who are of all nationalities and trust BookingAlsace.

7. A marketing strategy

BookingAlsace invests in online and offline advertising and marketing campaigns. Our strategy is to maintain a permanent contact with our customers. This is how we remain active and always visible on the international market.

8. Many owners trust us

From all over the world, many owners are under contract with BookingAlsace to date. Thanks to them, we can welcome every year many vacationers in holiday homes and apartments stamped BookingAlsace. For these owners, renting their apartment or holiday home means securing additional rental income.

9. Transparency in all areas

BookingAlsace informs its owners about everything that is meaningful to them: turnover, news, innovations, etc. BookingAlsace communicates directly and transparently. You are permanently informed.

10. Mandatory multilingualism with our owners and hosts

At Bookingalsace, we speak French, German, Italian, Spanish and English.


1. Can BookingAlsace offer me a guaranteed rent?

Integrating a property with the BookingAlsace offer implies that the accommodation meets our basic standards: equipment, location, price and tourist reputation of the region. It is the customer who ultimately decides on his vacation location, which is why we give no guarantee of occupancy rates. On the other hand, the owner finds with BookingAlsace his best tool and commercial relay to make fruit his property.

2. Can I ask for periods of personal occupation?

Of course. If the period is out of high season, you have the freedom to occupy your property as often as you wish, provided you first make sure that it is available.

3. What happens in the event of theft or rental damage?

Our customers are, as a rule, anxious to respect the good of others. They are often insured by extension of their home insurance. It is however advised to all our owners to take out insurance for the possible rental damages. It is still the safest and cheapest solution to be ideally free from any worries.

4. Can the payment of my rent be monthly?

Yes. Contact us about this.

 5. Can I get my rent in cash?

Unfortunately no. Your rent is paid regularly by bank transfer to your account.

6. Can I receive my rent before the clients arrive?

Unfortunately no. Your rent will be regularly paid monthly to avoid any dispute. 

7. What happens if I am not satisfied with the results?

In this case, we analyze with you the causes of the problem and seek together a solution. Among the reasons most often cited: poor quality / price, aging equipment or a faulty home. 

8. Do I know who rented my home?

Partially yes. Our priority is to offer a personalized approach to our customers.

9. Is it possible to cancel a contract before it expires?

Depending on the case, the contract may be terminated by mutual agreement as long as there is no claim at stake on either side.

10. Is there a detailed check of my property at the end of each tenant's stay?

There is no systematic check-in / check-out at every change of tenant. On the other hand, the cleaning teams are also dependent on the check according to a careful check-list. 

11. Why are contracts so long?

The notoriety and the visibility of your property become more important with time. Added to this is the fact that many customers book in advance and it is for these reasons that we privilege contracts in the long term.

12. Can I entrust my rental property to BookingAlsace and other operators at the same time?

We must be able to submit offers that customers can book online immediately. This is our trademark. Instant visibility of availability is very important. If you want to work with BookingAlsace and other providers at the same time, you must let BookingAlsace manage the schedule to avoid duplicate bookings.

13. Do I have to identify myself each time I want to be informed about the occupations?

No, BookingAlsace informs you regularly about the status of your bookings.

14. What are the costs that fall to me?

Your fees are based on the type of contract you subscribe to, your management fees are deducted from your rent. Our team is at your disposal for an estimate of your rental income.

15. Can I come and register my own bookings?

This is not possible. For each personal booking request, you must ask us by phone or e-mail. The confirmed period will be removed from the rentals in the system.

16. How am I informed about the occupations of my property?

Regarding your booking schedule, you receive this information by e-mail or via online access to the calendar of your apartment.

17. Can I intervene on the description of my property?

Of course. It is up to you to check that everything is correct or to rectify what needs to be. You can report corrections to your personal contact at BookingAlsace at any time.

18. Do I have a privileged interlocutor?

Yes. Your dedicated advisor is at your disposal for all your questions.

19. Is there an interlocutor at BookingAlsace even outside normal business hours?

Yes. You can reach us through our call center.

20. What should I do with my personal belongings?

Renting a home means that personal belongings are removed. You can store everything in a separate room which will be closed to guests.

21.What are the hygiene arrangements for renting my house or apartment?

Wherever BookingAlsace is present and manages the rented properties, we work with trusted household companies. In all other cases, we will help you find as much as possible. We advise to equip all your mattresses with protective fleece covers. If you have other questions, your BookingAlsace contact person is available.

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